OOTN: Thrills, Chills, Unpaid Bills. Awareness – #BringBackOurGirls

If a picture can create awareness to my thousands of followers, then why not? I recently posted an OOTD, which you can see here and I found it fitting to do an OOTN (Outfit Of The Night). Everyone’s seen the dolled up side of my style, well here’s my alternative style. Sporty Chic. “What’s Sporty Chic?” you ask. Simple, to start with you’ll need either a fitted casual sporty shirt or pants. Tracking pants or stretchy skinnies are popular ones. I went with stretchy skinnies. These pants are the most comfortable pants I own. The top I chose for my ootn was picked out for me by beautiful Sami at Blk Sheep Clothing. An awesome boutique that carries more then 50 designer brands. I love this place and can’t wait to go back again! Next, you want to match your clothes but not everything. Here I matched the colour of…

How to Stack Necklaces, Rings & Bracelets: Stacks Stacks Stacks!

Stacks with necklaces, stacks with bracelets and even rings! Is it just another trend or a choice of style? If you ask me, it’s always been a personal preference for those who love the look of stacked jewelry. Lately it’s been trending and seen everywhere from magazines, social platforms and even on the red carpet. Here’s the quick cheat sheet of how to stack your accessories without looking like Mr.T : When you’re layering your rings, keep in mind that stacking your rings doesn’t work if you wear every ring you own. Also, if you plan to wear a chunky or cocktail ring, make sure you have polished nails; especially since they can bring more attention to your hands. 1. Pick a metal and stay within that theme. 2. Make a statement with a chunky ring and a small simple one on your pinky. 3. Wear your cocktail ring with…