how to chunky cardigan


How to style a chunky cardigan

I should really change the title to “How I styled my chunky cardigan”  but a how to sounds so much better. I got your attention didn’t I? I love chunky sweaters and cardigans. Like wearing a cozy blanket. Chunky sweaters can be really heavy and overpowering when trying to pair with accessories or other clothes. Chunky cardigans are easier. Not as heavy, still cozy and you get to show what you’re wearing under your cardigan. I love dressing comfortably. Whoever said you can’t be comfortable and fashionable at the same time was wrong.  Easy as.. 1. You need a chunky sweater/cardigan 2. Skinny jeans/leggings 3. A statement accessory << For more inspiration check out this outfit >> High waist jeans: F21 // Shoes: Kate Spade Keds // Crop turtleneck: F21 // Chunky Cardigan: No Name from Korea // Satchel purse: French Connection