healthy pasta



I put the Catelli SuperGreens pasta to the taste test with my boys, mother in law and my mom. They loved it! So what was this amazing recipe that I put together? It’s very simple and involves lots of vegetables and for the meat lovers in your family you can add chicken/beef as you wish. The name of the pasta is exactly that, super green. It’s all-natural made with spinach, zucchini, broccoli, parsley and kale! Okay so I know the pasta itself was already packed with veggies but I just couldn’t help it but add more. You can never have enough vegetables! At least I think so! I chopped up all of the vegetables while I had the Catelli SuperGreens pasta boiling. I’ve only tried a green pasta once before and it was pretty good. However, I did notice that it had a higher amount of sodium in it. Which…