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Naksan Park – Seoul, South Korea

Naksan Park – Seoul, South Korea There is so much to do in South Korea and shopping is so much fun that you get lost in the hustle and bustle of the markets rather than site seeing. However, Naksan Park has been on my travel list of to do’s for a year now, so we worked it into our Korea itinerary. There’s something magical and beautiful about Koi Fish and yes, I’m obsessed with them. I’ve painted them on canvas, own a few Koi Fish items and always get excited and smile when I see them absolutely anywhere. With this being said, you can already guess, this was literally the #bestoftheday for me when I found the Koi Fish mural. According to many reviews about the Park, due to the park being pretty big, some people never find it. Just in case, I set my expectations low and to my…