Summer Wishlist [Fashion]

Before another season begins, I’m already going through my favourite Instagrammers, Pinterest and window shopping for my wishlist. Shein made it really easy for me this year. I just scrolled down to their “what’s new” list and found everything I want for the summer. What’s your Summer Wishlist? OFF THE SHOULDER Off the shoulder was a must on my summer wishlist! There are so many different variations of off the shoulder styles. One side, two sides, low, high.. I’m just in complete awe. With so many choices, you want to be on the hunt for the best prices for these styles. Below I’ve added the prices for my top 4 favourites on the SheIn site for the off the shoulder trend, also ruffle and frills: 1. $34 Ruffle Dress – 2. $25 Periwinkle – 3. $18 Blouse 4. $13 White belted Scallop  RUFFLE AND FRILLS 1. $26 Pleated Pants – 2. $26 Babydoll…

Friday Faves: Games for the Gamer Life

Fave Idea 22-year-old founder of shipyourenemiesglitter.com, Mathew Carpenter has a found a way to make money off of the annoyance of getting glitter on yourself and not being able to take it off. Don’t judge me, or….okay fine…. judge me, but I thought this was hilarious, innovative and pretty darn cool. I love pranks! I love pranking, love watching people get pranked and love being pranked. You gotta have a sense of humour to appreciate things like this and not take it personally. Shipping your enemies glitter in an envelope could be mean or you can laugh about it and enjoy the glitter for years. Imagine this, you get glitter shipped to you, you open it and it blows up and is now everywhere! After hours of clean up, months later, you see a lone sparkle that was left behind. Would you flash a smirk or cry? I would smirk…