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You’re Invited! Join an exclusive Globe and Mail celebration! #gmggoeslive

“You’re Invited! Join an exclusive Globe and Mail celebration!”….. That was the title of the email I received two weeks ago. Of course I was really excited to go! The event was held at the Fermenting Cellar in the distillery district. After looking at two maps, asking someone for directions and then joining two girls who also couldn’t find it, we finally arrived! As soon as I got there I realized I had passed by it three times! And I had parked right in front of it. I guess it was just one of those nights. Air head kind of night. It was really awesome of Globe and Mail to invite some of us bloggers/influencers to this celebration. It was full of opportunities to snapchat, vine, IG and tweet! It was hard to find anyone I knew because the venue was pretty big, so the inner Dora in me started…