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Culottes For Fall – How to Transition from Spring/Summer [STYLE]

Toronto had some cold weather a few weeks ago. We were all certain Fall was here. Heck, the leaves had even started changing colour. And now here we are sitting in 20°C+ weather. In the Spring/Summer I loved wearing culottes. I’m not ready to part with them yet, so here’s how I plan to transition into Fall with them. Culottes For Fall Lookbook I wore my culotte pants with a short high neck sweater for a roof top brunch. It was the most perfect pairing for that day. Especially because it was a little chilly. I’m rocking my suede heels and when it gets colder, putting a blazer or a bomber jacket on top can work as well. I prefer longer blazers to go with these pants and fitted bomber jackets. READ MORE: HOW I WORE THEM IN THE SPRING TOP: H&M – Similar: here // HEELS: Aldo – Similar:…

Different shades of Camel

Camel, so many different tones and ways to style this classy chic colour. I think I first fell in love with this colour when I bought my first camel colour coat from H&M for $20! It was $100 regular price, so you can imagine how excited I was! I’ve had this coat for a few years now and I love wearing it. As you can see in the below images. 🙂 Pairing camel with anything leopard always looks really good! I usually wear a leopard print scarf with this coat. Here I was going for that Kendall Jenner AMA’s look. Not 100%, but definitely 100% messy. I blame the windy day.  I was going for the @KendallJenner#AMAs look😊#beautyblogger#KendallJennerpic.twitter.com/tBy0VeE0US — Humara Kausar (@HumaraKausar) November 26, 2015 Don’t be shy, try combining different shades of camel. Get a little risky and even pair camel tone clothing with sneakers! Preferably all white…

Goodbye Maternity Jeans

My little one is almost a year old! Eight months to be exact and tell me why I’m still wearing some of my maternity wear?! And don’t say it’s because I haven’t lost the weight. Because I have. Not all of it. But still. To be honest, it’s because my maternity wear is just so darn comfortable! I’m sure other mama’s can relate. These maternity jeans are from ASOS and the material is really stretchy so I was able to wear these throughout my entire pregnancy and even after. The stretchy band at the top however has gotten more and more loose on me over the months since I had my little one. And now the time has come to say goodbye and put them away. But seriously, if you’re looking for trendy cool maternity wear then ASOS is your best bet! P.S Get their maternity leggings! Most tops you can purchase…

First day of Fall…

FALL  I look forward to Fall. Wearing layers, darker colours and the not too cold, not too hot weather. A few months before a new season I start to causally seek out some season appropriate outfits that I could also mix with some of the stuff I already have. This year I didn’t find anything I could say I’m dying to wear. At  first I was bummed out but now that I think about it, it’s a perfect opportunity to really look at what I already have and create some new looks. The beauty of shopping in advance is you find a lot of stuff for much cheaper. Just like the purse I’m rocking from Zara. I bought it online during the summer. Most likely from last Fall but with a purse like this, it could never go out of style. At least no where in the near future.…

Falling for Fall all over again

Falling for Fall… When the sun has gone and the heat has disappeared, that first hit of cold crispy fall air hitting your face sends chills down your spine. But then you go through your closet, taking out all your great fall wear and you end up falling for Fall, all over again. Oversized Scarf- Zara (Hollywood/Fall’13) (similar: here)/ Cable Knit Sweater- HM (here)/ Coat- HM Fall’13

McQueen on the Tracks

When the weather outside… changes, and the temperature starts to fall, the only thing left to doooo, is dress warm, dress warm, dress warm. I absolutely love this sweater. It’s long, warm, different and Alexander McQueen. If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember me mentioning how much I adore this hairstyle. The top knot! It’s my go-to hairstyle for this fall. I have a tutorial post coming up for you. It’s so simple! Floppy Felt Hat- HM (similar: here)/ Sweater- Alexander McQueen (here)/ Clutch- Forever21

Fall Wish List

Fall Wish List by humjk featuring a red handbag  [Tweet “Leaves have started changing colour, pumpkins have been set outside and..http://www.humarakausar.com/fall-wishlist/”] Fall Wish List Leaves have started changing colour, pumpkins have been set outside and the smell of burning fire wood is in the air. Meanwhile in the digital world, online stores have rolled out their fall collections to match in-store. This is my Fall wish list and some of these items are my staple go-to’s for the season. When I think of Fall, I think of chunky knits and distressed jeans. Everything has to be cozy, chic and warm. My favourite colours for this season are always neutrals, burgundy, mustard, camel, bright yellow and grey. All these colours make for a beautiful palette of Fall outfits.