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The Guide to Contouring For Different Face Shapes [Beauty]

Have you ever looked at images of actresses with and without make-up and wondered why they look so different? Of course a bit of lipstick and blush can transform your face and instantly make you look more alive. But contouring is what really changes the way you look. Contouring is this years beauty buzzword. It can give the illusion of a smaller or bigger nose, high cheek bones, sharp jaw line or change your face shape entirely (which I don’t recommend). I believe contouring and highlighting should enhance your looks, the natural shape of your face and bring out features that you adore. Many people have learnt the basics of contouring and haven’t researched further to learn that there is a contouring technique specific to your face shape. SQUARE The common characteristics of a square shape face are: Your jawline is square Cheekbone and forehead width are the same Jawline…