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ENDY Mattress Review and Unboxing [LIFESTYLE]

This is my first time purchasing a mattress that was delivered in a box and it was a great experience! Endy is #1 in its market for Canada. So I had high expectations already for this Endy mattress. We moved into our home over a year ago and have been slowly working on each room in the house with furniture and organization. It’s hard to manage having two children under two and being on maternity leave gives us a smaller budget to work with then usual. ENDY Mattress Review and Unboxing Speaking of budget, the Endy mattress is super affordable, starting price at $675 CAD. They also offer a 6-month, interest-free financing, to make it easier than ever to afford an Endy. Essentially you just pay it off in 6 equal, monthly installments. The box and the mattress are not heavy at all. I took it from the door to the…