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Easy Alfredo with Peas by Chef Michael Allemeier #CatelliFamilies

Weekdays are generally a very busy time for families. Going to work, appointments and for the stay at home mommies or those on maternity leave, taking care of your little one(s). I get excited when I find a really good quick and easy recipe, and folks..this recipe by Chef Michael Allemeier is definitely one of those recipes! It’s almost time for me to go back to work and this recipe fell into my lap at the right time. Just when I started searching for more ideas and created my new board on Pinterest labeled “Week night dinner ideas”. I feel like I’ve exhausted all the usual dinners I make and really needed a reboot. If you totally get me right now, then check out that board after you’ve read through this recipe. 😉 You might have watched my snapchat videos of how I went on and on about #CatelliFamilies…