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Take the #PurifierChallenge with Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™[TECH]

Ever since I saw the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link in stores, I’ve been in love! My son and husband both have allergies and sometimes when we use a regular fan it spreads dust and other allergens. On Instagram I announced that I would be taking the #PurifierChallenge and also shared an un-boxing on my Instagram stories. A lot of you started to get curious about it and called me with questions. Here are all the details about the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ and if you have any questions please leave me a comment below. Why Should I Get A Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ Purifier? We got this Dyson purifier now almost 2 weeks ago and we started off using it in our living room. Due to my son and husbands allergies, they would sneeze a lot in our living room. I tried everything from cleaning the sofa cushions, curtains, steaming the floors and…