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No More Café at the Colette Grand Café? [TORONTO]

Have you been to Colette Grand Café? Recently? It’s a beautiful French Bistro in Toronto. I love finding cute coffee shops in Toronto and whenever I do, the same thought comes to my mind every time: “I wish there were more of these hot spots when I was growing up downtown.” Colette is my go-to cafe when I’m visiting my mom because of its walking distance from her place. Brunch is amazing, dinner is good and the service is always the very best.  Last week I came here for some delicious cake and a latte, while I caught up with my sister. I was told there weren’t serving any desserts at the moment because they closed down their bakery/cafe section and changed it into a private party room. I for one loved that corner of Colette. Here’s an old picture of what it looked like: ca·fe kaˈfā,kəˈfā/ noun 1. a small restaurant selling…

Holts Cafe Brunch [REVIEW]

Catching up over good food is my favourite thing to do with my girlfriends. We usually opt for places we’ve tried before but this time I suggested something new and it worked out! We all met up at Yorkdale, did some shopping and window shopping and then headed on over to Holt Renfrew. The Holts Cafe is on the main floor of Holt Renfrew and if you haven’t been there before ask for directions. I could see it being missed easily. One of the sales associates there walked us all the way to the entrance of the cafe. So kind of him. The entrance is decorated simply but very nice. We loved the seating area. You have the choice of sitting on chairs or booth and chairs. We always go for booths, as you get a lot more space for jackets/purses and we love to talk for hours, so coziness factor is…