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Baby Registry Tips From a Mom of 2 under 2 [MOTHERHOOD]

A few years ago, before I had Baby D, I created my baby registry at Babies“R”Us and I was confused as to what to include. I even got some help from my mommy friends. They gave me suggestions based off their experiences, and even offered to come in-store with me. However, I chose to go in-store  with my husband to create the registry, but ended up adding and deleting  items later through the Babies “R” Us website. When I look back at it now as an experienced mom, there were many things that I should’ve added, others that I could’ve lived without, and some that would have prepared me better for baby #2, Zoey. Baby Registry Tips From a Mom of 2 under 2 [MOTHERHOOD] Nursing Pillow At first I thought why do I need this U shaped pillow? Can’t I just use any pillow for support? I added it to…