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#IChooseHuggies: Huggies Little Movers Review

This is my first baby related post under my baby series! Yay! I received a Huggies little movers diaper pack complimentary for testing purposes, so I figured I’d take this opportunity to really dive in on my opinions, reviews and stories on baby related things. If you’re a part of any mommy groups in the real world or online on Facebook etc you’ll see occasionally posts pop up regarding diapers. The most popular diaper post being the famous question: Pampers or Huggies?  As a new mom I was clueless on which brand to go for and I know some people say Pampers are better for boys and Huggies for girls or vice versa. But really there’s no right or wrong diaper brand. It all comes down to what works best for your baby. I’ve been using Pampers diapers on Daniyal (my now 10 month old son) since day one. The…