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Friday Faves: Essentials

What does your morning look like? Do you have essentials that you grab everyday or do they change based on your daily to do’s? It’s Friday and here are my essentials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8fNlsDq1z4 Fave Perfume: I’m going to get real with you. I have way too many perfume favourites. I base my daily fave on the mood I’m in, where I’m going and what I’m wearing. So since today is an errand running kinda day, I’m wearing one of my fave freshest perfumes. Acqua di gioia by Giorgio Armani. I keep this roller ball version in my tote bag in case I need to freshen up throughout the day. Friday Fave Lippy: Keeping today very low key with my make-up so I’m using my favourite subtle pink by Smashbox in Posy Pink. Fave Read: You never know where you’ll be standing/sitting, waiting in line for whatever it is, bored out of your mind.…