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What I Wore – YSL movie screening

Wednesday evening was eventful! You may already know that, if you’re following me on snapchat (HumJK). I took the subway, which I hadn’t done in almost a year, that was nice. And I bumped into a friend, which obviously never happens when you’re driving. That was nice too. It was great hanging out with other bloggers and the Globe Style team. As bloggers we get so enthralled into our digital worlds we forget to make time for face time. No, I’m not talking about the iPhone app. I mean real, good ol face to face connecting. We then went over to the theater for the YSL movie screening. My thoughts on the movie, it’s definitely for an older audience to watch (too many drugs, vulgar scenes etc) but the clothes shown throughout the movie and the last collection was absolutely divine. The vibrant colours, turbans, belts, bangles… beautiful! I also…

OOTD: Simple Whites

I love spending time downtown. There’s never a dull moment. So much to do, so much to see. One of my favourite places is the new pedestrian bridge, Puente de Luz. This bridge connects the CityPlace condos with a short cut to popular streets like King and Queen St. Where you can pretty much find anything. I often shy away from wearing everything white. It’s so easy to get your whites dirty if you’re walking everywhere. Which makes it even more special when you do choose this look. There’s something risky and pristine about this style. When shopping for whites, make sure you test the clothing for transparency. Do the light and hand test. Ask to see it outside or put your hand behind the fabric. If you already own items that are too see through, don’t worry. Wear a neutral or white tank top underneath the blouse or layer…