Stacks with necklaces, stacks with bracelets and even rings! Is it just another trend or a choice of style? If you ask me, it’s always been a personal preference for those who love the look of stacked jewelry. Lately it’s been trending and seen everywhere from magazines, social platforms and even on the red carpet.

Here’s the quick cheat sheet of how to stack your accessories without looking like Mr.T :

stacking rings stack

When you’re layering your rings, keep in mind that stacking your rings doesn’t work if you wear every ring you own. Also, if you plan to wear a chunky or cocktail ring, make sure you have polished nails; especially since they can bring more attention to your hands.

stacked rings stack stacking

1. Pick a metal and stay within that theme.

2. Make a statement with a chunky ring and a small simple one on your pinky.

3. Wear your cocktail ring with your more dressy outfits.

4. More than 1 statement ring on each hand? Do it! Just make sure you match them up either by metal or colors. They have to flow together in some kind of way.

5. For a more electric look, pair a statement ring with a midi ring (a smaller band that is worn above the knuckle) and a pinky ring.

What if you have a wedding/engagement ring? Can you still stack? Absolutely! Work around your ring but place any statement rings on your other hands fingers.

Stacking Necklaces

There are two different techniques of stacking necklaces that have really stood out to me. One is the casual, everyday stack and then there’s the statement stack.

Casual Everyday Stack: You pick out minimum 3, no more then 5 thin chained necklaces and put them on in layers.

Each one is worn like a step, shortest to longest. You can change the step usually by clasping in the necklace at different points. This technique is easy and fun! You might want to apply the same rules as we did with stacking rings. Staying within the same metals, simple thin chains etc.

Statement Stack: There are so many variations of statement stacking. See below for some examples

Stack Necklaces
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On the red carpet:


stacked necklaces

Stacking Bracelets

Keep it fun and if you like, apply some of the same guidelines from ring stacking. Just try to avoid looking like the 8 year old you, who just finished raiding her mother’s closet and put everything on in sight.

I did a poll on my Twitter account to see how many of you thought there was a right way to stack or if it’s all a fluke! Here are the results:


I believe there is no right or wrong way. Your style is unique to yourself. You can wear what you want, the way you want. If you wear it with confidence, others will notice and before you know it, you’re a trend setter.

This post is a set of guidelines from a variety of fashion experts and tips of my own. Tried and tested, with many compliments. Whose to say you must follow these ways. If you like the suggestions; try it, tweak it and make it your own.

stacking bracelets

How do you stack? I want to read all about it! Share your tips below.

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