Do you have an obsession with coffee? If you do then you’ll want to read this post about Sorry Coffee Co and check out some of my other posts of my favourite Toronto coffee shops.

second cup king street toronto
Second Cup – King Street (Image from my Twitter Account)

Sorry Coffee Co believes that big things happen in coffee shops. I agree! If I take a look back at where most of my meetings for brainstorming sessions, study sessions or great ideas were formed, they were all in a coffee shop. Even now when I need a new environment to work, I always go to a coffee shop. Toronto has so many to choose from now. Just five years ago there were more Tim Hortons, Starbucks and Second Cups than all these new cute, edgy and modern coffee shops that you can check out today. Sorry Coffee Co, when you first enter looks a little small with minimal seating but they have a cozy area with couches inside their attached Kit and Ace store. I didn’t get a chance to check out the clothes in Kit and Ace but I would definitely go back! It’s also great that they have an online store

sorry coffee

You might recognize this alley in Yorkville. It extends to Bloor St and not too far from Kate Spade in Yorkville. 102 Bloor Street to be exact. On bloor street between pottery barn and jcrew. As you walk down this alley you’ll see signs saying things like “This year I’ll wake up early, before 11am” or something about “I’ll start flossing”. Then right before the Sorry Coffee Co entrance there’s a sign that ends with Sorry Coffee Co. Otherwise you’re just reading these signs trying to guess what store or brand they belong too. Great marketing! Definitely peaked my interest. *Thumbs up*

toronto coffee





And how’s their coffee? Perfect. And their service was even better. Very welcoming and alert. It was a busy day inside Sorry Coffee and looked like there were no seats left but the Barista noticed me and let me know there were more seats inside Kit and Ace. I love that and appreciate it when services aren’t only about cashing you out and giving you a coffee. Thank you.

ben johnston design

This cup was designed by graphic designer Ben Johnston.



kit and ace toronto




Let me know if you’ve enjoyed a frothy cappuccino at Sorry Coffee Co in the comments below!

Bae took me out for coffee.

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  1. Lovely Coffee house! beautiful post Humara! I love how you capture the atmosphere! I can’t wait to go to a coffee place together. I love coffee! This post is truly amazing!

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