If you’re new to Social Media, first thing you should do is get on Twitter and Facebook. To start with, at least.

There are a lot more platforms out there for you to experience, learn and possibly one day manage for your employer.

Watch some tutorials on how to use these platforms. You will be surprised at how much knowledge there is out there on the web. Once you have gone past the beginner phase of learning the in’s and out’s of each platform, search for programs that help you optimize their use as a social media professional. Such as tweetdeck, hootsuite and understanding Facebook page analytics.

At this point you should also start looking at companies who are doing amazing work with their social media. Companies that have compelling marketing strategies and have a massive following. One of my favourites is Oreo.

When you’re applying to some companies make sure you ask lots of questions during the interview process or dig deep into their job descriptions for hints on what their expectations are. Some companies that don’t really understand the benefits of social media may not have a team or budget in place. Which means you will be doing everything from managing their platforms, community, graphics, videos, promotions and more! Their expectations might be high for the type of following they want to see upon hiring you. It will be your job to explain the benefits of promoted tweets, boosting posts and ad’s to gain likes. Especially if people who are looking for your company can’t find their website or even a blog.

Check out the below infographic to getting a job in Social Media. There are some roles missing and the salary may be off for some.

Good luck!

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