Every Tuesday at 3 pm EST the Social Media Managers, Community Managers and On-line Marketing communities come together to chat about all sorts of related topics. Everything from best practices in Social Media, new platforms and the future. This Tuesday’s Twitter chat was a bit different. Instead of the usual to the point questions SMXChat asked fill in the blank questions.

Here are some of my favourite responses including my own to this weeks questions:

Q1) As a Community Manager, my most important role is ______.

Q2) When my Mom asks what I do as a Social Media Manager, I say _______.


Q3) If there was no internet and social media, I’d probably be a _______.


Q4) If someone asks me how they could gain the skills required for my role, I tell them _______.



Q5) My inspiration comes from _______.



Q6) If I was to teach a course on what I do, I’d call it _______.


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