Scarborough Town Center is one of my favourite malls to shop at. For the longest time they had almost all of my favourite stores, until recently now they have them all! They just had their grand opening for *drum roll please* ZARA! Yup. They now have Zara at STC. They have a men, women and a children section and amazing selections that you won’t want to leave without buying something. Most of my favourite clothes are from Zara and not just from Toronto but from my travels as well! It’s actually the largest Zara in the east GTA! Now let’s gush over this purse I bought from Zara. It’s edgy and the detail on the strap makes it really stand out. 

zara purse 2016

For the grand opening there was an awesome installation placed in the mall beside Zara for people to interact with. Different booths within a bigger booth to get your creative juices flowing for selfies and ootd’s (outfit of the day). If you post your picture from the installation or your zara outfit on social media before April 3rd you’ll have a chance to win a $500 Zara shopping spree! Oh all the things I could buy!


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the grand opening but Maria from BestDayBlogger was there and she got some awesome pictures and coverage from the grand opening! I visited the installation over the weekend with Maria and we had so much fun vlogging and taking pictures! The installation was created by Kastor and Pollux, a full service digital and experiences agency. They created this 200 sq ft booth with mirrors, plants, furry seating areas and 3-dimensional objects on the walls. On their website they describe this installation as:  “a dream to any content-hungry/Instagram-obsessed millennial..” and it’s SO true! We are living in a very visual generation at the moment and we yearn for quirky, fun or minimal looking scenes. Some just want to enjoy it and others want to enjoy AND go nuts with taking pictures! 

HumJK and Bestdayblogger

toronto fashion blogger


On that note, when shopping at STC if you’re looking for some ideas on where you can take your OOTD pictures, try looking for:


– Any wall that has no writing, no ads, just colour. It can be any colour, but if you find a white wall or a coloured wall that compliments your outfit, then even better! 
– The hallway before you get to the washroom is perfect for a discreet ootd pic
– Inside Sephora at the beauty station mirrors (the lighting is fantastic!)


– No washroom selfies. Just don’t. 
– Inside stores. They most likely won’t let you and it’s not very visually appealing 
– In front of a store ad
– In a busy food court
– With mall security (Just kidding!)

It would be pretty awesome if STC did a different installation every month. I could see a lot of people checking it out and using the mall hashtag to promote. I also wish this installation was there for a longer period. I would’ve totally went back to take more pictures!


toronto blogger

So let’s talk about my outfit. Casual but funky. I love lace and leather. I took it to the next level by adding my favourite zipper t shirt. If you didn’t notice in the above pictures, it’s literally a spiraling zipper down the center of my shirt. Share your OOTD’s with hashtag #STCDresscode and @ShopSTC might even repost!

kastor and pollux

*All photos were taken by the talented Maria! BestDayBlogger


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  1. Amazing post! Love it! Thank you for mentioning me love. I had so much fun with you. We definitely need to work together again. Truly amazing Installation and a lot of fun and beautiful clothing at Zara. Fantastic photos! 😉 You look beautiful and very stylish! Have a lovely evening!

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