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One of my favourite things is to go where I’ve never been..


And so our road trip journey to Connecticut began.

It’s a long drive but definitely worth it. Especially if at the end destination you’re reunited with one of your best friends. You’ll need lots of snacks and a big case of water bottles. Keep the long drive interesting by keeping conversations going and maybe even throwing some mini dance parties during your drive. Don’t worry, there are lots of opportunities to stop and get food or go shopping at outlets. We passed 3 outlets and stopped at 2.

Here are some highlights and tips if you’re visiting New Haven, CT or Cape Cod, MA.

When you get to New Haven definitely visit the highest peak, East Rock. You can either hike to the top or drive. Once you’re there, the view is spectacular. Pack your lunch, because it’s a great picnic area!


new haven hum jk

You must try this breakfast place in New Haven, very close to Yale University, The Pantry! This was the most delicious breakfast I had during this trip. The Oreo pancakes were to die for! It was the best of both worlds of sweet and salty.

The Pantry, CT

The Pantry, CT

Cape Cod, sticking out into the Atlantic Ocean is the eastern most portion of Massachusetts. There are beaches and cute little strips of old school stores to explore. Shopping for interior items for your home is best in Chatham.



We stayed at the Ocean Club on Smugglers Beach in Cape Cod and the beach was just a short walk from our room. Everywhere we went, we noticed sculptures and signs made from sand. They kicked off the summer with these displays of sand art all around Yarmouth. You could even download a map of where they all were and go on a sand sculpture tour of your own!

sand sculpture cape cod




The rooms have a serene nautical feel to them and it truly feels like you haven’t left the beach. With seashell paintings and side table lamps, a cute light pink kitchen by the den area and a fireplace. Looking out the balcony you can even see the ocean.


Greenwich is not too far from Cape Cod, so if you have a chance, take a short drive and have your dinner or grab some gelato at the La Fenice Gelateria.


Make the most of what’s left of our summer and go for an adventurous road trip!

Happy travels!

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