Have you heard about the new reverse wash collection by TRESemmé?

tresemme reverse wash

Story time…

In about two months I dyed my hair three times so far and unfortunately the hair dye I used wasn’t so gentle on my hair. Going from brunette to black at home isn’t so easy, especially when you have long hair. I thought I could do it with one not realizing how long my hair had really gotten. It’s usually in a bun so baby D doesn’t pull it. So anyways, I tried one box and yeah.. huge fail. I had so many brown strands of hair left. I went back and did another box and got it all covered. Within a week it looked really dull, no shine..so I did it again with a different brand and still not I’m not at the shade of black I’d like to have. To be continued…

After using the TRESemmé reverse wash system for 2 weeks I can confidently say that it has transformed my hair to be as close to the healthy locks they were before I ever started dying my hair. It’s not the thickest mane I’ve had, but dang has it come close. When they say volume, they don’t lie. See for yourself… here’s a picture of my freshly washed hair, just blow dried it with no product in it:

beauty-full volume tresemme

So much beauty-full volume! I love it! I can’t stand flat hair unless I part it down the middle, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was with these results. If you’re wondering what the before hair looked like you can refer to basically any of my instagram or blog posts before this one. 😉

How it works

It’s a reverse wash. So traditionally you would use your Shampoo first and then your conditioner. But with this system you use the Conditioner first. You must be thinking “whaaatt?! No thanks.”. But hold on, this TRESemmé reverse wash system is the only reverse wash out there. At least as far as I know. I wouldn’t try the reverse thing with other brands. It would probably be a waste.


step 1 reverse wash

As all conditioners do, this one softens your hair and preps it for the volume it’s about to gain before you shampoo. It’s formulated with a combination of Fleximax™ volumizers and fibre polishing actives. It also binds to the cuticle to protect your hair during the washing process. Some of us wash our hair a little too.. agressively than others. Be gentle and think massage or better yet, think about the last time you had your hair washed at the salon and how they massaged your hair, scalp and mimic that.


step 2 tresemme reverse wash

After conditioning your hair, naturally there’s some weight added on. Second step is to wash away the weight with the shampoo. This is also formulated with Fleximax™ volumizers. It helps to control static by infusing your hair with volume and leaving it perfectly prepped for styling.

I haven’t tried the maximizer yet because alone with the shampoo/conditioner I already had amazing volume. I can’t imagine if I use the maximizer what kind of results I’ll get! So what do you think, will you try this new system?

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  1. Thanks for the review Humara! I will definitely be trying this out as well. My hair has been so flat lately 🙂

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