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It is now 12 weeks since I had my baby girl. I’m itching to get back into an exercise routine. To be honest, I never really had a “routine”. Being active was second nature to me and I never really put any effort into staying healthy or to stay the XS small size I had a love/hate relationship with. Okay, please don’t kill me for saying this. For years I would have trouble gaining weight. This is before I had children. “You have a fast metabolism”, they said.

Fast forward after having two under two, and I’m having trouble losing it. Of course it’s in all the wrong places. My friends and I have countless times joked about a machine that could suck it out from one place and put it in another. Funny enough I found out a month ago a friend of a friend of mine actually did that and such technology exists! Crazyyy. And no, I wouldn’t try it. Surgery scares me. So here goes my steps to getting into an exercise routine:

Postpartum Fitness: 5 Steps to Getting into an Exercise Routine

Don’t start until you’ve healed and/or have stopped bleeding. Also, if you’re nursing, you don’t want to go to heavy either. You need to stay hydrated and not lose too much weight too fast. Some doctors say it could affect your milk production. Always check with your doctor before you do anything. Every body is made different and handles exercise differently too. Be safe!

Get some workout clothes you feel comfortable in. I shopped online and got some stuff from Shein.
The tights were great for my yoga routine and also wear really well if you have to go somewhere after. For a quick top to get on after your workout to look fly af, I paired it with my favourite white tank with the black lace.
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shein tank top lace

Before you do any core workouts find out if you have diastasis recti, commonly known as abdominal separation. A diastasis is defined as a separation of the rectus abdominis muscle into right and left halves. Ask a doctor to check or check yourself here.

Create a schedule.
Monday – Morning Run/Walk
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Backyard Yoga
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Morning Run/Walk
Weekend – Circuit workouts


Stay motivated. This will be the hardest step. You’ll want to give up and just cuddle and take those naps with your little one instead of working out while they sleep. But don’t fall into that rut. Stay motivated by finding new challenging workouts or don’t discourage yourself with things you can’t do yet and instead just go for a walk.

How do you stay motivated to get some exercise? Comment below with your tips! #Notgonnalie – I need that motivation right now.

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  1. Cat Forsley Reply

    Soooooooo Goooooood xxx
    such good advice
    slow and steady
    You look amazing xxxxx
    sleep and walking and yoga – those were my keys xxxx

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