Last month I was a guest on My Lip Addiction’s podcast. I always wondered if I should get into that realm of reaching people all around the world with my voice. Especially since I’m a shy person. Yes, for those of you who don’t know me on a personal level. I’m a shy person. I have my days where I get…brave and venture out of my shell, figuratively speaking of course. Then I have other days where I’m flamboyant AF and the only way to bring me down is to call me out on my crazy loud behavior. Sorry not sorry. 

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The Podcast Life & Getting Over My Shyness

Just like everything else that’s digital in our world today, creating and managing podcasts is not easy. There’s a lot of technical, brainstorming and creativity that goes into it. Just like blogging. Anyone could write a post and call it out on Instagram. But what about everything else in between and behind the scenes of it all. I tip my hat to Cat Forsley who can do it all!

Cat Forsley is a beauty blogger at My Lip Addiction and has a strong background in music and arts. She also writes about fashion, wellness and of course is the host of an awesome podcast. I had the pleasure of being a guest on her podcast and it was a great experience! I normally shy away from doing YouTube videos (I’ve done some awkward videos) or anything that has to do with people seeing or hearing me but I’ve been getting over that lately. A part of it is just self realization and then another part is the company you keep. Talk to those who lift your spirit. Someone whose in the same industry as you are.

cat forsley

Here are the links to the podcast episode:

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