If you’ve ever lived in a smaller place, be it an apartment, condo or just a one bedroom shared home, you’ll know the value of space. Sometimes you don’t have room for a full oven, dishwasher or microwave. So getting products that have multiple functions and that benefit your standard of living becomes high on your priority list.


Which brings me to the Panasonic Cyclonic. This microwave isn’t like your traditional one. It use’s Panasonic’s Inverter® Technology, which delivers spinning waves of power in a circular pattern. Like a cyclone. Other microwaves usually deliver energy in a straight line. This new cyclonic energy is a game changer! It ensures food is cooked evenly, no matter what size or shape!



Panasonic Cyclonic prices


panasonic cyclonic
I had the pleasure of being invited to the Panasonic Cyclonic Launch hosted by Abbey’s Kitchen.


Abbeys kitchen
Abbeys Kitchen Blogger


At the launch Abbey demonstrated how to make 5 healthy easy recipes in the cyclonic microwave. Recipes that you would’ve never guessed were made in a matter of minutes! You can view the special recipes here.

I imagine this microwave will make dinner preparation a whole lot easier for the working class who don’t have enough time. Goodbye last minute fast food stops! 


My favourite was the Tropical Fruit Crisp. Delicious, healthy and made in 4 minutes!

Fruit Crisp recipe

Some other pretty awesome features are you’re able to keep your food warm as you finish doing whatever it is that you need to do before you set the table. No more cold food or the hassle of rewarming! There is also a button called the Genius Sensor that has up to 20 meal presets.





Technology has come a long way! The Panasonic Cyclonic has changed the definition of a “microwave dinner” forever.

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