Have you been to Colette Grand Café? Recently? It’s a beautiful French Bistro in Toronto. I love finding cute coffee shops in Toronto and whenever I do, the same thought comes to my mind every time: “I wish there were more of these hot spots when I was growing up downtown.” Colette is my go-to cafe when I’m visiting my mom because of its walking distance from her place. Brunch is amazing, dinner is good and the service is always the very best. Café

Last week I came here for some delicious cake and a latte, while I caught up with my sister. I was told there weren’t serving any desserts at the moment because they closed down their bakery/cafe section and changed it into a private party room. I for one loved that corner of Colette. Here’s an old picture of what it looked like:

1a small restaurant selling light meals and drinks.
synonyms: coffee shop, tea room

colette No More Café at the Colette Grand Café? [TORONTO]

I love this sweater by Tobi!

So no desserts, but they still make one of my favourite lattes. Some places make them too strong (I can’t take too much caffeine) but at Colette, it’s perfect! The interior here is so spot on with the whole French bistro vibe. Perfect for photography. More details of what I wore this day:

Boots: Zara – Similar ones can be found here.

These Zara boots are from last year so you may not find them in stores right now. They’re the perfect fit as the heel height is comfortable enough to walk in for hours. I love pointy/round toe boots because they make my feet look smaller. (I’m a size 7-8).

Hat: Big It Up

This hat is really warm! I purchased this right before my husband purposed to me. So around 2009. The quality of this hat is so great that it still feels and looks brand new. Highly recommend getting a Big It Up hat.

I love the flared sleeves on this Tobi sweater dress. You can easily wear the sweater almost off the shoulder depending on what size you get. I’m wearing the small size. This sweater is currently on sale for $34. 


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