Have you heard about the new social network called Tsu?


Based in New York they launched on Tuesday and have already raised $7 million. This is an invite only social network that will help users get paid to be social. It’s brilliant! Considering the hours spent every day on social media networks, why shouldn’t we get paid for it? We are bombarded by advertisements everywhere and now users can get comfortable and see the worth in viewing those ads. Time will only tell if everyone moves to this social network or at least gives it a try. Some experts are calling this more of a content monetization platform than a social network. It definitely won’t be easy to get people to completely leave their established go-to networks, even if it means getting paid.

So how do you get paid?

Most social networks keep ad revenue for themselves. However, Tsu is saying we want to give to our users. Founder Sebastian Sobczak says Tsu will take 10 percent of the ad revenue it generates and give the other 90 percent back to users. The ad revenue Tsu makes in one day is distributed to users based on how many organic post-views they get during that 24-hour period. The more views and engagement you generate as a user, the larger portion of the pie you get. Celebrities will definitely take majority of the pie but king/queen content creators still get something. Bubblews is a similar platform. Also, think about this, if I earn money from a video I posted and I joined Tsu through you, than you earn one-third of the revenue after Tsu takes a cut.

The platform looks and sort of feels like Facebook, so if you’ve used Facebook before you’ll know how to use Tsu. Don’t worry, you don’t have to juggle all your social networks. Tsu allows you to post to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, when you post to your Tsu profile page.

For more information, check out this link. (The Almost Complete Tsu User Guide)

If you haven’t received an invite yet, join today with my short code: http://tsu.co/HumaraKausar   See you on the Tsu side!


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