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Roughly two weeks ago I announced something on Twitter! In case you missed it:

I’m so excited to be an ambassador of Dixie Outlet Mall, which means I’ll be sharing lots of #DixieDeals across all of my platforms! Hint* make sure you’re following me.

It’s been just about a year since we moved into our new house, and the living room has become one of the most important, if not the most important room in the house. We spend so much time here, from watching Netflix to cuddling/playing with baby D. We needed to make sure this room was comfy and cozy.

The challenge was that our schedules have been super crazy since we moved in, so it’s been hard to find the time to spruce up the place. Enter Dixie Outlet Mall to the rescue! We headed to the Winners first to see what #DixieDeals we could find to make our favourite room even cozier, and our Netflix nights more Chill.

Of course, when you start shopping in a store like Winners, it’s really hard not to pick up items for yourself too, but it’s all part of the job though, right?!  I’ve been to the Dixie Outlet Mall Winners store a bunch of times and no joke, I always leave there with an amazing find. I made my way to the women’s section and found an awesome button-up Ralph Lauren shirt to wear to work for $40. A shirt like this usually costs between $100-150 at the Ralph Lauren store, so this was a major score! I opted for a boyfriend size/look so I could fit into it while I struggle get through the last seven weeks of my pregnancy. Naturally during pregnancy, when your belly gets big, everything else starts to stretch out… my waist isn’t as tiny as it used to be, so I picked up some super cozy PJ pants by Max Studio for $20! And with that, I was set to Netflix and Chill in all my cozy, but stylish splendor.

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Fast forward to our movie night in, which is a rarity with our aforementioned crazy schedules, so they’re even more of a treat when we find the time to indulge. Speaking of time, part of the reason I love this Ralph Lauren shirt is it’s stylish, but also super comfy, so I don’t have to waste time do a full outfit change when I get home from work. Just a quick switch into my Max Studio PJ pants and I am good to go and get some popcorn poppin’!

dixie outlet mall

But, remember part of the reason we went to Dixie Outlet Mall was to fix up the living room, and the best way to do that quick and easy is with great cushions, and a throw. These super-soft, plush, cream cushions were just $35 for a set of two and this lovely throw that you may have seen all over Instagram was $24.99!

winners at dixie outlet mall

All of the outlets at Dixie Outlet Mall have AMAZING clearance racks; these are even more discounted than the already marked down goods. I snatched this orb for $8 and these popcorn bowls for $15 from the Winners clearance rack, so make sure to always head to the back of the stores, you never know what you might find! There are so many great stores in Dixie Outlet Mall, I was amazed at how I found everything in one store for this shopping challenge, but that didn’t stop me from popping into other stores to get some more ideas…more on that later 🙂


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How do you spend your movie nights in?

Disclaimer: I’m a Dixie Outlet Mall ambassador and this post has been sponsored by Dixie Outlet Mall. However, all views and opinions expressed in this post are of my own regarding the products and services.
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  1. Hey Beautiful! You look fantastic for being 7 months prego! You radiant beauty! Congratulations on becoming an ambassador! of course that doesn’t surprise me at all! You are truly amazing at what you do. LOVE your living room. It looks so cozy! We have a similar blanket and I adore your pillows and decor. I LOVE Netflix too. It’s my comfort and joy. I watch Netflix on my ipad in bed after my girls go to bed. I’m loving your posts and love the new blog design. You rock and keep these lovely blog posts rolling! 🙂

    • Humara Reply

      Thank you SO much Maria! I’m so happy you enjoyed this post. Catch you on Twitter XO! 🙂

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