If you have normal to combination skin then you’ve probably multi-masked. Multi-masking was trending awhile ago and some people thought it was a new thing but it’s a method that has been around for a long time.

Multi-masking is using multiple masks on different parts of your face at the same time. Which creates your very own customized facial.

Not everyone is blessed with perfect skin tone and type. And let’s get real, just like different parts of our bodies need specific workout routines, different parts of our face need different masks. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most common challenges on different parts of your face:

Oily – Most people get oily around or on their nose. Or the T-zone (forehead, nose) For these oily areas or anywhere else use clay or charcoal masks. Great for sucking up all the excess sebum. Sucking up is probably not the right terminology, but you know what I mean.

Dry – You could get dry anywhere really. Not to be mistaken with dehydrated. Dry skin go for a cream moisture mask, dehydrated tight skin go for a mask with ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

Uneven skin tone – Uneven skin tone is another challenge found mostly around the lips, laugh lines or cheeks. Slather on the radiance mask in these areas. Vitamin C, Turmeric, Glycolic are just a few of the ingredients to look for.

Masks I use:

Best Face masks



Laneige mask



Priced at $30 CDN, which is not cheap but reasonable for a really good hydrating mask, you can have soft, glowing skin. (sorry, not sorry for sounding like an infomercial) I’m not gonna lie but what really got me excited was that it’s made in Korea 🙂 I love Korean beauty products and have so many from my trip to Korea! I can’t wait to share that beauty haul with you. This is my first overnight mask and it was a little weird at first. It felt great to apply but when it first starts to dry on your face it feels a little bit sticky. As soon as it has dried you don’t feel it at all. I actually forgot about it in the morning. But you wash it off in the morning and BAM you got brand new glowing skin hehe. The scent is a combination of rose, sandalwood and orange flower. It also has chestnut extracts that are known for hydrating your skin and apricot extract that exfoliates and brightens your skin. 

MISSHA BLACK GHASSOUL MISSHA BLACK GHASSOUL This is a great mask for pore cleaning and tightening. You can definitely feel the mask tightening on your skin almost instantly! It also has a cool feeling when first applied to your skin (as most clay masks do). If you have oily skin this is amazing for your skin as it controls sebum by getting rid of any excess sebum on the surface or first/second layer of your skin. You may not want to keep this mask on too long if you don’t have oily skin as it may reverse effects. It could leave your skin feeling too tight and feeling dehydrated. I love the price point for this mask, it’s only $13 CDN and it’s paraben, talc, fragrance and mineral oil free.

LANCOME – Pure Empreinte Masque Purifying Mineral Mask with White Clay


 Pure Empreinte Masque Purifying Mineral Mask


I’ve been using this mask on repeat for years. It has been my go to clay mask for those massive unicorn horn looking pimples I use to get years ago and now for the little baby ones. I rarely use this mask all over my face. I usually just use it on the spot or area I need it the most and leave it on overnight. But when multi-masking I take it off as recommended with the other masks I’m wearing. This mask is a little more on the expensive side, as it does belong to the luxury family. It’s approximately $42 CDN but totally worth it. This is different from the Black Ghassoul because it has white kaolin clay which is more gentle on the skin. It doesn’t totally remove the skins natural oils (great for dry/sensitive skin).

CAUDALIE – Glycolic Peel CAUDALIE - Glycolic Peel Some people read the word peel and they get scared. I use to be one of them. However, nothing tobe scared of because there are so many different types of peels. Some are more gentle than others. This peel has a lot of powerful ingredients (papaya enzymes, glycolic acid & viniferine) because it works as a 2 in 1 treatment. Not only does it tighten pores, reduce oils like a mask but it renews your skin and diminishes dark spots to give you a more even complexion. This peel is also on the more expensive side for $39 CDN. So far I’ve recommended it to my sisters and friends and they’ve all told me it’s definitely worth it and they noticed new flawless skin after just a few uses.

Multi-Masking How To


Here’s my video on multi-masking:

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