Monday Motivation

Waking up from a busy weekend, long weekend, tiring weekend.. you know what kind of weekend I’m talking about here. Those weekends that you haven’t recovered from and you barely get up for Monday.

If you’re having one of those Mondays, here are some quick lift me ups:

I asked my husband what would lift you up on a Monday, he replied “you would..” I laughed and asked again “Seriously! What?!” He replied with the same answer.

1. End of Monday plans.

At the end of your busy day, make plans with someone who will lift your spirits. Someone who will make you laugh and forget that it’s Monday.

Happy Monday HumJK

2. Scents.

Certain scents can change your mood. Light a scented candle. Preferably soy or home made. The best scents to put you in a happy place are lemon, ginger, rose and jasmine. If you’re not a candle person or allergic, try burning oils.

Happy Scents

3. Treat yourself!

It can be anything! Like your favourite food, new clothes, buying flowers or how about go for a manicure or a pedicure. What a great way to start your week!

4. Music for your soul.

Classy jazz puts me in a great mood. Everyone needs some “sha-ba doop-dah-dah doo-da” now and then. Whatever music you know would jog your memory of good times would do for Monday blues.

5. Make-up!

I am certain a bright lipstick, eye shadow or nails will pick you up instantly! Go for a bright red or fuchsia lip colour. For eyes, highlighting the inner rim of your eye with gold, yellow or turquoise does the trick.

bright makeup monday



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