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is marketing on or with a mobile device, such as a smart phone. Mobile marketing can provide customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas.*

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There was a recent study done on the psychological connections with users and their mobile screens. The study found some areas where companies could make connections with their customers overlooked.* Most companies were missing a connection with their consumers hearts. To build your brand you need to connect with your consumers, it isn’t about connecting with the mind with fancy wordplay anymore. Email blasts with Sale, Last Chance or 50% off just don’t do it anymore.

Mobile allows targeting specific consumers who want to see unique content. The average user that looks at their mobile device looks in seconds. If it’s not interesting, consumer is lost.

Brands that are leveraging content know how to use vine, instagram, twitter, facebook etc to push content and gain new audience and in some cases re-establish their brands, especially in markets that didn’t exist before. Social media is about building an asset. Create a strong foundation for the next generation of consumers who will interact with your brand via mobile.

Engaging content is getting smaller and smaller. What started off at 50 second videos, are now 6 seconds on Vine. Consumers love it! The future of mobile video content = shorter attention spans. Content delivered through applications may be considered “less intrusive” than banner ads. Yes, banner ads are impersonal. Then here we have corporations saying “I don’t know if we should invest in mobile..” Ask those who are living in this generation. Do some studies of your own and you’ll be surprised to see that investing in mobile is your best bet. Consumers are also opting in receiving real time messages on their mobile devices.

So you’ve decided to get into Mobile Marketing. You need a full strategy if you’re building your brand on a social aspect. Content is key, but brands need to remember to be responsive to tweets and posts as well. Minimal content is better than lots of crappy content.

People focused content needs to be well thought out. Every company is a media company and therefore, every company is a publishing company. Did you know there’s  Social Media Content pieces of content created every day?! The best people to talk to for free research are customer service. Have them make notes of what customers are calling in about. Customer service understands the customer journey. Let’s face it. It’s not about helping the seller to sell, it’s about how we help the buyer buy. 75% Canadians grab their phones at 4pm. Whether it’s to check what they’ll be having or making for dinner, check their facebook, instagram or other social platforms. What is your company posting to that 75% at 4pm? Are you sending promotion texts, updating your apps and social media profiles?

To move your buyer down the path to purchasing, your content should answer a consumers question before they’ve even asked. And then don’t just answer the questions no one is asking, maybe work on finding out what people are asking.

Mobile is predicted to surpass desktop usage in 2014. Consumer phone and smartphone usage is continuing to rise, and in 2014, content marketers will need to ensure that the huge online community they’ve built, need to be getting the same brand experiences on their phones as well. Prepare a mobile marketing strategy now if you haven’t already.


*SMWTO Content & Creativity Achieving Mobile Success with Content
SMWTO People Focused Content Strategy

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