Using a sunscreen every day and a well formulated AHA is great for a more healthier, even-toned complexion.

What products do you use on a daily basis? Do any of your products contain AHA’s? A good AHA cream helps rid dead skin cells to bring a more radiant skin layer to surface.

I tried Miracle10 for 10 days and here’s what happened…

Just to catch you up to speed with my Miracle10 experience, read my previous post about the bloggers event I went too. I get really nervous about using new skincare or anything with AHA’s because of this one time I used glycolic acid around my eyes. A little too close to my eyes.

Side note: don’t put anything with AHA’s or glycolic acid close to your tear ducts. Apply in the outer area with gentle tapping motions.

I used the cleanser I, toner and serum. The cleanser I used every morning and night. Less amounts of the cleanser in the morning, because my face is still clean from double cleansing the evening before. The toner, I wasn’t a huge fan of, only because I’m sensitive to scents and didn’t like the way the toner smelt. But I did give it a chance and used it 3 times. By the third day I noticed my skin was a lot more radiant, but due to the change in my regular regime, I did start to break out. A few pimples is normal for my skin when I change routines, so I didn’t stop using the products. By the 10th day I started to use the Miracle10 AHA cream in the evenings. I didn’t do all 10 days with the cream, to avoid shocking my skin with too many new products. For my skin, (normal to combination, sometimes sensitive) the best approach is to slowly introduce the regime.

I’m a firm believer in investing in good skin care and know it can do wonders for make-up application. For the first few days of using Miracle10 my skin was shedding dead skin, which is totally normal when using anything with AHA’s (Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid etc) Because of this my make-up didn’t apply as nice. 10 days later and I can ditch my everyday powder and walk out with just a bit of concealer.

Overall, if you start using these products don’t stop using the product because you notice some dry skin or a few pimples. Give it at least 10 days before you decide yay or nay.

Here’s a vine I created of my first days of using Miracle10. Do you see the transition of radiance in my skin?


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