Have you ever tried Life Brand products? You can find them at Shoppers Drug Mart in the beauty section of the store. Some of you may already know, but I first job at 16, was at Shoppers Drug Mart in cosmetics. I applied for a cashier role and my luck they were looking for someone in cosmetics and were ready to train me. Over the years I attended seminars, classes, did tests and learnt so much about the cosmetics industry. I am forever grateful to this day for that first job opportunity that got me where I am today. Thank you Frances.

Quick Spa Treatment at Home with Life Brand Skincare

I’ve seen Life Brand grow for over a decade in terms of the products they’ve come out with and the quality of it has always been amazing. It just gets better and better over the years. When you enter a Shoppers Drug Mart, look for the Life Brand masks section. It is usually at the end of an aisle and has all the sheet/no sheet masks. Rows of it! One for every skin type and need. I’ve used so many of them before, so the ones in the images I gave to my best friend to try. She just had a baby so I thought, I’ve brought stuff for the baby, but mama needs some loving too.

life brand masks

Multi-masking is a great way to cater to different problem areas. Dry cheeks, oily forehead and dull skin. Buy a packet for each of those areas, apply it and anything extra left over I usually put it a ziplock bag to use in a few days. These single use masks are affordable and a great opportunity to try different ones without breaking the bank.
life brand face mask These masks vary in prices between $1.99-$4.99. (And this is why I’ve tried almost all of them!)

Whenever I go to my mom’s house, as soon as I get there I like to freshen up by washing my face and changing my clothes. Especially if I’ve come over from a long day of walking outdoors. She always keeps the Life Brand charcoal cleanser($6.99) in her guest washroom. I absolutely love it! Every time I use it I always tell myself I need to buy it for me to use at home and I always forget. Actually, I remembered one time and checked at a Shoppers Drug Mart and it was sold out.

Putting it on my to do list because it’s so awesome! Leaves your skin glowing, feeling clean and over time you’ll see less blackheads/whiteheads. I had never trip the nose and face strips before, because I can count how many blackheads I have. Like one or two. I tried this one and so much better than other brands I’ve tried before from magazine samplings etc. This one leaves that area brighter and you can actually see the stuff stripped out! A box of only nose strips is $8.99 and one with face strips as well is $13.99.

charcoal face and nose strips

Spa Pedicure treatment at home:

life brand pedicure

This foot mask is incredible! Inside this packet there’s another packet that holds the magic liquid that will transform your feet into baby soft skin and two plastic bag like socks. You pour the liquid into each sock and you keep it on for 20 minutes. After washing my feet, I didn’t notice anything really. Then I read the packet and it said wait to see results between 3-7 days and to repeat after 2-3 weeks. So I waited. And OMG. On the 3rd day I had dead skin coming off my feet from places I never even knew that it was dead skin waiting to be shed. It transformed my feet into butter soft feet, better than any pedicure I’ve ever gotten. I actually went out and bought more packets. For my mom, mother in law, husband and more for myself. This is a MUST TRY! It’s only $4.99.

For years I struggled with acne and had the worse kind. I tried so many different products and formulations. The one ingredient that worked the best was benzoyl peroxide and Life Brand’s new Clear Action Active Anti-Acne Treatment Kit has it! It’s only $19.99 and has everything you need to get started on your new anti-acne routine.

anti acne treatment Here’s your chance to WIN a treatment kit + a Life Brand charcoal pack on Twitter:

OR try to win on Facebook, here.

Tell me, have you ever tried Life Brand products? Do you have any favourites?

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