My hair has literally gone from thick to thin and thick again in the last 4 years.  I am loving my hair right now! It’s been through so much but its finally at a place where I love it. Pregnancy and post pregnancy can really take a toll on the health of your hair. This month I was invited to Medulla & Co, a hair salon in Yorkville, to discuss KerMax hair products.

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I had a chance to sit with Dr. Michael Carozza, a naturopathic doctor and the beautiful Grego Minot. She’s a Canadian TV personality, and many of you will recognize her from the show The Real Housewives of Toronto. She is even more sweeter and beautiful in person. For those of you who missed my instagram story for that day, she spoke about her hair experience after pregnancy. She also talked about how KerMax hair products are working for her. Giving her healthy and fuller hair. Especially after losing so much after having her baby.


After our talk about the product I was treated to an amazing blow out with the KerMax products. I love how light my hair felt with the product in it. Most of the time when I use hair products to do blow outs or to style my hair, I’m left with either sticky or heavy feeling hair. Happy to say, not with KerMax products.

One of the questions I asked Dr. Michael was about the sodium laureth sulfate in some of the products. Over the years I’ve been doing research on best practices to keep hair healthy and what kind of ingredients to stay away from. Some articles and research say that sulfates is something to avoid in your hair and parabens. However, some also say that it’s just a lathering agent and it has no harsh effects on the health of your hair. Dr. Michael made a good point that if I were to use this product and it had no lathering agent, would I have thought it was still cleaning my hair or would I be skeptical of it? So true! I definitely need my shampoo and conditioner to lather up.

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I love that the KerMax products have no parabens and they have products you can use while styling your hair. The Volumizing Shampoo ($24.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart) has a combination of peptide amino acids and concentrated organic pea sprouts to help fine, thinning hair appear fuller and thicker. The Volumizing Conditioner won’t clog scalp or weigh hair down. It also improves detangling to prevent hair thinning caused by brushing.

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The Styling Mousse ($24.99) adds body and strengthens damaged hair, while giving your hair an ultimate volume boost.

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There are two treatment products in the KerMax hair line. The Essential Day Foam and the Thickening Hair Serum ($49.99 each). These products are formulated with KerGro 3X-a™.  A biocomplex of fruit stem cells, peptide amino acids and botanical extracts. I’m going to start using these products and will report back on the results. Follow along on Instagram for updates!


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