There are so many beautiful moments that can be cherished in so many ways. I love keeping journals, photographs and I’m a big story teller. Or so my mom says. One of the things that has been on my to do list for as long as I can remember is to create scrapbooks, photo albums and video compilations of our wedding events, vacations and babies memories. My best friend actually is the best at reminding me to do it.


My schedule and lack of time, according to my priorities list doesn’t allow me to do so. But when I came across Luhvee books I was intrigued. Luhvee is a fill in the blank book that is easily customized to the way you desire. There are so many options to choose from. You can change the story altogether or you can let the app build the story and you just fill in the blank. I chose to write everything on my own. Also because I chose the book to be from my husband and I to both of our kids. The message throughout the book is to show the love they have for each other and the hope that it stays that way forever.

luhvee book

Create your own keepsake book by Luhvee

Here are some things you’ll want to get in order before you start your very own Luhvee fill in the blank book:

VOICE: Do you want it to be singular or plural? Who is the book coming from and to who? The book I created was from my husband and I to our two children.

MESSAGE: What’s the message you’re trying to get across? Is it to celebrate a big milestone or is it to tell a specific story. The message I chose was to show and remind my son and daughter how much they love each other, our love for them and the special memories we have of them so far. 

PHOTOS: Organize all the pictures you’d like to share in the book, into a folder on your desktop for easy access.
I did a mix of professional photos I took of them and everyday cellphone captures.

Once you have all of that in order, creating the book is the fun part! On the Luhvee website ( you can get started by clicking on “Make Your Book”.

luhvee hard cover

The book looks and feels like a really good hardcover book with perfect pages and the image quality is amazing! There were some photos I thought would definitely turn out grainy because I took them from my phone. And to my surprise, those photos were not grainy at all.

Overall, from creating the book on the website, to receiving it. It was a great experience and I would definitely make another one as they grow older.

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