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Natural hairstyles seemed to be the trend in 2016. Designers and brands like Brandon Maxwell, Lacoste, Prabal Gurung and Sophie Theallet all rocked natural or beachy wavy looks on the runway at NYFW. Not to mention that’s the go to look for Victoria Secret models as well. Ironically, achieving that sexy, natural, wavy hair is sometimes harder then it looks. If you have the right products then more then half the battle is taken care of.


IGK Beach Club Texture Spray

I normally don’t use hairspray or any hair products on a daily basis, unless I know I have meetings or have to go somewhere. However, this product is a game changer for me. It’s super easy to use and I love using it every other day when I have that extra 3 minutes to spare in the morning before work. I actually wore it in my hair today and got some compliments about the volume and wavy-ness of my hair. I use to have very wavy hair, it was beautiful. Thick, wavy and long. *sigh* But all the hair dying damage I’ve done to my hair has made it fall flat and the natural waves that were once bouncy and sexy have disappeared. *womp womp* So in conclusion, I’m loving this product as it has brought back all those wonderful hair memories haha, and I’m totally going to use it as much as I can.

igk beach hairspray

Now more about the product, it’s light weight, non-sticky compared to your traditional hair spray and even has some glycerin in it that gives you a soft finishing touch. TIP: Work the product into your roots as you would with a dry shampoo for awesome volume results.


IGK Smoke & Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil

igk smoke and mirror

I was hesitant about this product because my roots have been getting oily pretty quick these days. Not sure if it’s the humidity levels in my office/home or  the odd weather. I thought this product was going to make my hair oil central, “bring on the rigs folks”. Jokes aside, it was not oily at all! I’m currently using a very nice natural shampoo that I’ll share with you all soon. I used that first, then I followed instructions and worked the cleansing oil into my scalp and even used a bit on my ends as I would with any other conditioner. Once my hair air dried, I’m happy to say there was no after residue or oiliness from that product. My hair was soft, manageable and shiny. The only thing I didn’t like was the smell. As the name of the product is smoke and mirrors. It was smokey. It has a very masculine scent. So guys would love this cleansing oil. I love it for the results, but there is no way I could only use this product and call it a day. That’s when I used the coconut oil gel to mask the scent.


IGK Coconut Oil Gel

IGK coconut oil gel

I used this product in damp hair after I had cleansed my hair with the cleansing oil. So I’m not sure if I would’ve had the same results for the cleansing oil if I didn’t pair it with this product. I’ll have to try that one day and see, but I can’t risk my hair smelling smokey either. I love this rich kid coconut oil gel because it doesn’t feel so much like styling gel, it feels more like a leave in hair treatment with that bonus styling factor. I love products like that!

Any hair gels I’ve used in the past, I’ve had to wash my hair immediately in the evening before bed because of the sticky uncomfortable feeling of the product. But this product melts into your hair and feels as if it’s not even there! I kept it in my hair for two days before I washed it out. I think that’s important if you’re someone like me who dyes her hair often and needs to minimize washes to maintain the dye. Overall my favourite of the three IGK products has to be the Beach texture spray, then the coconut gel and last the cleansing oil.


*I received these products complimentary to test/review. 


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