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How I Use hydraSense Baby Nasal Care

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When baby D was born, I was so paranoid about what I’d do when he got sick for the first time. So many what if’s and questions! Two years later and now I have a 7-month-old daughter, Baby Z. As a mother of two, my advice is to follow your instincts, and the paranoia and panic when your child gets sick for the first time, it’s the inevitable. Stuffy and congested noses are common symptoms Baby D & Z get quite frequently.


I use hydraSense products to help me tackle the congestion and stuffiness. There are a few products from their baby line that I keep in my medicine cabinet. The nasal aspirator, Ultra-Gentle Mist, and the Easydose vials. To ensure I used them properly the first time, I found YouTube videos and followed along step-by-step.

There were a few nights when Baby Z was a newborn, she was congested and had trouble breathing – which meant no peaceful sleep for me. She would wake up uncomfortable and crying. Those were tough nights. The Nasal Aspirator Starter Kit was our go-to to clear Baby Z’s stuffy nose.



I’m going to get a little TMI (too much information) now. I found when my babies have sticky mucus/snot, using a combination of the hydraSense aspirator and mist really works. So, when Baby D recently got a cold – I knew what to reach for. He’s a 2-year-old that knows what he wants and what he doesn’t like. These days, he absolutely doesn’t put up with having his nose touched with anything. But that doesn’t mean there is no way.

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When my toddler won’t cooperate, I find distractions and rewards have been my most successful strategy. I love telling him stories, especially if the topic is exciting for him. For example, he LOVES animals. When I first used the hydraSense Gentle Mist on him, I let him hold the products and talked about each one. Soon after, he wanted to open them because of the dolphin on the box. I started telling him a story about the dolphins. “The dolphins put magical water in this bottle to help your nose.” “Why mommy?” “So you can breathe better” “brea- betn?”


We went back and forth and then I told him if he helps mommy I’ll give him some chocolate after. He was game. The whole process was over so fast that it was already over before he could resist. Then I gave him his reward and all was good.


As for Baby Z, she would not let go of the aspirator. Even after I used it on her!

We’re traveling with our little ones in March and will definitely be taking the Easydose vials with us. It’s great that they don’t take up much space in a diaper bag!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by hydraSense®. To make sure hydraSense® products are right for you, always read and follow the label.

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