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How To Enter The Spring Season

What do you do when you’ve gotten use to your massive parkas, hats, gloves and gazillion layers? All of a sudden the weather is screaming Spring, with sun and rain in the forecast, what do you wear?


Get rid of your heavy jacket. Replace it with something light, but not too light. March/April can still be a bit chilly. Usually windy and raining. On sunny days I go for a trench coat and windy/raining days a wool coat and umbrella if needed.

blue trench


Pick accessories that welcome Spring. Pastels, fleur and happy colours and print in general.

pink purse spring 2017

spring 2017 accessories


Pick an outfit according to your day. I went with simple black leggings and a T since I was running errands.

spring outfit     IMG_0085    IMG_0078


Your choice of foot wear should be based on the weather. If you’re in and out of a car, it doesn’t matter so much but if you’re out and about. Choose accordingly. I stuck with my combat boots knowing it would rain, which means it would get muddy. Plus, to be honest, I’m not ready to part with them yet. Loved wearing my combat boots from the beginning of Fall, through the entire winter season.

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  1. Beautiful outfit! I love the coat and love the colour in the scarf! So pretty! Love it Humara! You look fantastic! I can’t wait for spring. Lovely post!

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