hoods up sunnies down

style and co

Just one of those “hoods up, sunnies on” type of days. I got this sweater a while back online from The Bay. It’s from the Style & Co brand. When I first looked at their items I was a bit turned off from the styles and options they had but if you keep going through their items you’ll find something that speaks to you and your style. I opted for this sweater because at the time I was pregnant and loved the flowy idea for more belly space but I also knew it would be something I’d wear after as well. I guess most of my casual wear is loose fitting and flowy. My sisters call it “dressing cute“.

casual fall winter style

With all that black going on with this outfit I needed this sparkly clutch to add some pizzazz.

casual fall winter style

casual fall winter style

Sweater: Style & Co // Shoes: Aldo // Purse: Sergio Feretti

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