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Happy Friday everyone! What a productive week! If you took a minute to just quickly look back at your week, what would the highlights be?

Here are some uplifting faves from this week. Enjoy!

Fave Song: This song is hilarious and I love the beat. Don’t lie, you’ve listened to this song more than once!

Fave Dessert Pin:

Dessert Friday

Fave Tweet: Had a documentary marathon this week. All of which were about eating healthy and the benefits of eating your greens. This is a quote from one of the documentaries we watched.

Fave Quote: Be brave and take that leap of faith and do what you have to do. Take that opportunity and make it your future.

Quote Friday

Fave Funny Video: As Ellen DeGeneres would say, “You never know what funny can do”. She gave him a shout out and wants him to come on to her show. Well done kiddo.

    Happy Friday :”)

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