Guerlain launched a new fragrance which you can name yourself.


Guerlain Mon Exclusif has no name.

You get letters in the fragrance box so you can give your own name to the perfume or at the event we had a chance to get it engraved! I think the no name idea is brilliant! Gives the customer the feel of the perfume being their own. Putting your name, or the name of your choice on such a luxurious bottle feels… well..real pish posh. 


I absolutely adore Guerlain. It’s luxurious and their makeup to skincare smells amazing. Guerlain has some affordable products in their make-up section. I’d say very similar to Dior or YSL. But I doubt either of them have an absolutely amazing cream that costs approx. $500! That’s a story for a different post.

The fragrance is described as a gourmand, with fougere accords of fresh fern, oriental notes, lavender, soft sandalwood, caramel, salted butter, coumarin and vanilla. They had me at salted butter!




If you haven’t been to the Guerlain boutique on bloor then you’re missing out on a luxurious experience. The staff is very welcoming and the products are exquisite! For the launch of Mon Exclusif, Elle Magazine had their readers invited to a day of make-up makeovers, snacks and more! Oh and this lovely bag with some of my fave Guerlain products 😉


guerlain mon exclusif

guerlain mon exclusif

My favourite products here are orchidee imperiale, the gel cream and the meteorites base. Both are such beautiful products.

I’ve been using the gel cream everyday and it’s almost finished. My skin feels extremely soft and hydrated. I love gel creams because their not heavy, especially if you wear make-up. The base is just perfect. Light to the touch and brings a natural light to your face. The little pearls are also beautiful to look at. I haven’t tried the eau de beaute yet, but I’m certain the other two will make it to my favourites video.


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