Between Bathurst and Spadina, South of Queen Street is graffiti central.

Living and growing up downtown has given me appreciation for the hustle and bustle of the fashion district. Lunch period during middle school days were spent getting lunch and window shopping. Getting groceries from chinatown was a regular day routine and then Sanderson library. So many memories. The fashion district name derives from this area of downtown Toronto being home to clothing manufacturer businesses back in the day. Just take a look up when you’re shopping in this area and notice the old victorian like roofs on top of most of these stores. Especially standing at the corner of Queen and Spadina.

Other then wholesale, limited edition, vintage and designer shops along this south side stretch of Spadina Ave, you can also take a walk down graffiti central where you’ll see work by Deadboy, Poser, Spud, Fdoe, THINGS and Gregory Alan Elliot to name a few.

downtown toronto graffiti

Just another day downtown in the neighbourhood I know best. 

fashion district toronto

Toronto Fashion District

queen street toronto

Leather hat– ASOS/ Cardigan sweater– JCrew/ T-Shirt– ASOS/ Clutch– Forever21/ Frames– Burberry

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