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illuMask, as seen in Harpers Bazaar, Elle, InStyle & teenVOGUE.

You may have seen bloggers or stars using some kind of light therapy. Usually at a spa or skin specialists office. Well, good news! You can now do it at home! I know there were some smaller versions of something like this, but I have never seen a full face light therapy mask to use at home. I remember the first time I really got interested in light therapy was when I saw Jessica Alba’s instagram post:


I follow Dani Song (Blogger/Entrepreneur) on snapchat and for the longest time she ended her stories with a light therapy session, and then I got really curious! Waahh!! I can do this at home?!

dani song
Dani Song w/ illuMask

I did my research and found illumask! Which by the way, at the moment their not selling on their website because their coming out with something NEW! I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

What is it?

A really cool plastic mask with little LED lights (pink: acne/red: anti-aging)  to clear up your acne or fix signs of aging for $1 per use!

How do I use it?

Prepare your skin by cleansing it first. You put it on and press the start button on the attached remote. A 15 minute session will begin. Easy peezy! The hard part is sitting for 15 minutes but it’s the best for those who have trouble unwinding after a busy day. Each mask comes with a 30 days use. Also taking the mask off early doesn’t mean those lost minutes will add up to your next days session. They’ll be gone. So do the full 15 mins. It shuts off automatically after 15 mins, so don’t worry about falling asleep with it on. Once your done apply your regular moisturizer.


How does it work and is it safe?

Yes it’s safe. The light emission is similar to what you get from your LED tv according to teen vogue author Dan Koday. The red light helps stimulate rejuvenation and blue acts as a bacteria-fighter.

I was really looking forward to using the anti-aging mask since the acne one didn’t apply to my skin type. However, I read details that the illuMask has not been tested for use while pregnant or breastfeeding and to use it at your own discretion. Womp womp. I’m BF’ing so I immediately put it to the test on more mature skin, my mom. She’s used the full 30 days and I must say her skin looks great! After 15 days I noticed her face was a lot more radiant and she says from one use her skin felt softer. She’s definitely continuing her light therapy routine and I’m looking forward to using it as well, when I can.

My teenage brother used the acne one. Yes, guys can use this too! He has the usual teenage mayhem on his face and within a week I could see his face clear up and acne scars get much lighter! I wish I had this when I had acne. Because he’s a teenager I had to remind him to use it, but after a while he actually got into it.

Get creative with your illuMask and draw on it or place stickers like Dani Song did!

Here’s your chance to WIN! Yaassss you can win of these masks! I’m giving away two. One for acne and one for anti-aging! Just fill out the below rafflecopter and GOOD LUCK! P.S This giveaway is open to Canadian and US residents only.

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  1. I like the anti aging mask pls! Love this post! Sounds like a really cool mask!! Thank you

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