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It’s been an incredible week of appointments, photo shoots and filming! I’m happy to say I’ll be uploading one of my YouTube videos this weekend. Okay, don’t expect something totally amazing. My videos are just me, being me. Hope you’ll enjoy them and subscribe! Hehe. Have a great long weekend everyone!

So here are my friday faves from this week to take you through the weekend:

Fave Quote
As soon as I saw this I thought of my hubby. In my eyes he is perfection. He is my rock on days when I’m ornery and my partner in laugher when I’m silly. Also it helps to shed light on things that parents, brothers, significant others do for us that show they love and care. Often overlooked or taken for granted.

wisdom quotes

Fave Video
This is incredible!

Fave Tweet
The courage that went into this selfie!

Fave Pin
Two weeks and a half to go for my trip to Bermuda! I can’t wait to go to the Crystal Caves!

bermuda crystal caves

Fave Recipe

Slice your delicious avocado, coat it in Japanese bread crumbs and slide it in the oven for 20 minutes. Yum!
avocado fries


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