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I apologize in advance for this “after Friday” post. I had it ready to be posted but got really busy hosting a dinner last night. It’s been a busy week as usual. Between filming my next YouTube video, writing the post to go with it, Ramadan, preparing for my sisters upcoming wedding festivities and my full time job. This week I came across many images, posts and experiences that really made me think of the meaning of “Free Your Mind”.

Pause for a second and think about what that really means to you. What’s the first thing you think of? I don’t know about you, but my mind races to think of many things.

Free your mind of negativity, Free your mind of what the media says, Free your mind of worry… I can go on. Here are my faves that can help you free your mind and see things differently.

Fave strong message to spread awareness:

Don’t believe everything you hear in the news. It’s so hard to come by real news. I think since the peak of social media and so many varieties of it, like video, blogging and image databases it has been easier for people to seek the truth and seek the real news on their own. At least for those who want to find it. I’m all for research and spending hours trying to un-code from what is real and not real. With our time on this earth, we shouldn’t fill our minds with garbage and instead free our minds to have our own voice, our own opinions and do our part to spread awareness in every mean possible. This brings me to my fave strong message. Over the years I’ve seen a small group of people in my Facebook friends list who have been following the war genocide on Gaza with all of their hearts, minds and souls. One of them who even took a trip there and witnessed things that we will never get to see through media today. I watched, I listened, posted links on my Facebook wall, which sadly would get 2-3 likes compared to pictures of my cat Beep, that would get 100’s of likes.

I get it, some people feel helpless so they turn away and figure, “well we can’t do anything about it!”. That’s where you’re wrong. Free your mind from thinking that and you’ll see how much you can do. I appreciated seeing my Facebook news feed full of people voicing their opinions on what is happening in Gaza, with images, videos, blog posts and profile picture changes. Thank you to each and every one of you for taking the time to educate, direct and help people see the real heart wrenching media of the war genocide happening in Gaza.

There are a lot of variables within this conflict between Palestinians and the Israeli Government. I by no means wish to say the solution to this conflict resides with only the Palestinians goals achieved. The answer will undoubtedly consist of a two state solution with peace for both sides. However, on the road to this end goal, there should be absolutely no room for the collective punishment/genocide of either side.

Do your research and always seek the truth.

pray for Gaza

Fave Illustrations:

I came across a post of empowering illustrations of women and everyday struggles they have of wanting to be free of what society says they should do with themselves. The illustrations are by Carol Rossetti. Confidence to be who you want to be, to be yourself, is something you should never lose sight of. Some can get caught up with what society thinks is cool or hot and start to mimic what others do or how others live their lives and totally lose sight of their own unique ways that made them special in the first place. What’s cool and hot is to be YOU. Your unique self shines brighter than being a carbon copy of someone else.

TALL women problems

This illustration stood out to me because I can relate. I love heels! For the longest time I was self concious to wear heels around my girlfriends to events because I felt as if I was too tall. I was always told tall girls don’t wear heels, because heels are for those who want to be taller. I have freed my mind with what people use to tell me. I wear the highest of heels whenever I please. I won’t lie, it has made it easier to wear them with pride now that I have a partner for life who is 6’4.

Fave quote:


I experienced two situations this week that I hope no one has to witness. Nothing drastic or mind blowing to the average person. However, for me.. it definitely boggles my mind. One situation where I witnessed someone make hurtful remarks to another and another where their attitude and intentions were not in the right place. A place of negativity and hate. I handled both situations with peace and kind words. After all, if we did the same thing back then we wouldn’t be making the world a better place for ourselves and our future generations to come.

Lesson here is, if you find yourself in a situation where you see someone is being hurt instead of rolling up your sleeves and hitting them, which by all means I can do with my kick boxing skills. Don’t. Kill them with kindness. Smile and proceed in a kind manner. Chances are, you may have left that person re-thinking what they did and hopefully in the future they would feel ridiculous and awful to repeat it again.

“Be in charge of your mind and feed it with good.” – Hum JK


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