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The digital age is here to stay and you can either be a slave to it or figure out a good balance.

Fave Video:

It’s so easy to get enthralled by the speed of connecting digitally with people and the speed of answering your question via a google search. Some of us have turned into digital age zombies. Not able to have present human interaction because our minds are always elsewhere, thinking about checking our social media accounts, work or anything else but the person in front of us. Could it be because of the smartphone invention? Now that we have access to applications, the internet, messaging and more where ever we go, when ever we want. It has hindered us from being able to break from it all. Here’s a beautiful reminder that we need to wake up and remember to be present:



Fave Clutch:

hashtag clutch


Fave Futuristic Dress:

Nerdybyrd Designs By Sheena Byrd
Nerdybyrd Designs By Sheena Byrd


Fave Futuristic Restaurant:

The Fabbrica Bergen pizzeria
The Fabbrica Bergen pizzeria


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