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Throughout the week while surfing the internet I came across some pretty cool stories. Here’s a round up of three stories that stuck with me and I thought you should check out as well! Stories of cool innovations.



A sweet loving robot from Port Credit, Ontario. With a name like hitchBOT you’ve probably already gotten an idea of what this robot does. hitchBOT has hitchhiked across Canada, meeting so many new people and taking pictures during his travels. The pictures include his location and are tweeted right away to hitchBOT’s twitter account. Pretty cool huh? You can follow hitchBOTs twitter account to see the exact location the bot left or is at. Unfortunately, hitchBOT’s experience in the US wasn’t as great as it was in Canada. Someone vandalized hitchBOT and the trip had to end early. (Check out this video about venge-BOT. A little gory but kind of funny)

So the real question here is would you pick up hitchBOT? I would in a heart beat!


Tami from Toronto, while on maternity leave came up with this app VarageSale. It’s a virtual garage sale that is making selling products via mobile easy! Here’s her story.

Creating an account and getting started is quick and easy. If you ask me, I’ve already made a list of what to sell and I’m excited about all the new free space I’ll have in our storage area!


Inventors from Michigan put a tiny camera inside a ring box to capture their fiancee’s reaction. What a great idea! Would save people a lot of money on stealth mode photographers, who have to hide behind bushes to get the perfect reaction shot. Well done.


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