fall style 2015

Streetstyle downtown Toronto


I look forward to Fall. Wearing layers, darker colours and the not too cold, not too hot weather. A few months before a new season I start to causally seek out some season appropriate outfits that I could also mix with some of the stuff I already have. This year I didn’t find anything I could say I’m dying to wear. At  first I was bummed out but now that I think about it, it’s a perfect opportunity to really look at what I already have and create some new looks.

The beauty of shopping in advance is you find a lot of stuff for much cheaper. Just like the purse I’m rocking from Zara. I bought it online during the summer. Most likely from last Fall but with a purse like this, it could never go out of style. At least no where in the near future.
IMGToronto streetstyle

I’m loving the details on this purse. So many zippers and so much room to fill it with all the things I probably won’t use in a day. 

Fall fashion

Jessica Simpson shoes


Where do you do your Fall shopping?

Jacket: Egyptian store in Egypt // Shoes: Jessica Simpson // Pants: Zara Basics // Purse: Zara // Blouse: American Apparel

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