Summer is coming to an end and now it’s time to prepare for Fall/Winter and even more exciting, the holidays! Here’s a sneak peek that you may have also seen via my Instagram stories, of the ACI Brands: Fall and Holiday Collections for 2017.



ACI Brands: Fall and Holiday Collections

Greek Yoghurt Under Eye Priming Moisturiser is new in-stores this month. This is combining the best of make-up and best of skincare without any silicone. This lightweight priming moisturizer has 26% Greek Yoghurt proteins to plump and strengthen your skin for perfectly smooth makeup application and all-day wear. <Learn more>
BEAUTY HACK: After applying to the under eye you can take a little and add it to your dry lips. By the time you’re done your make-up, you’ll have smooth lips for an even lipstick application.

wild rose korres

The Wild Rose Brightening Smoothie Priming Moisturiser will be in store this September! This beautiful smoothie moisturiser has turmeric! Heavily an anti-inflammatory and major antioxidant for anti-aging. Also amazing to work as a brightening agent. Great for scarring, dark spots etc. The white willow bark is great for tightening pores, clear the pores, refine texture and to get that congestion out of the skin. The vegetable powder in this sits on top of the skin and keeps make-up on all day and as your skin produces oils and sweat, it will absorb it! Matifying your skin. Excellent all day wear with the benefit of moisturizing.

Holiday Korres Gift Ideas

ACI Brands: Fall and Holiday Collections
in-stores October 2017
ACI Brands: Fall and Holiday Collections
in-stores September 2017



There’s a colour for everyone in this foundation and concealer combo. Where’s the concealer? Pop the top! This is going to be awesome for traveling with. Two in one combinations are my favourite!

Holiday Stila Gift Ideas

I love these beautiful kits! You can choose from lip or eye combos. And some of these are small enough to work as stocking stuffers! Yes I know it’s just the end of the summer. But it’s always good to prepare ahead of time. Last minute shopping sucks.

stila holiday 2017

Clean EDT

I love Clean fragrance for exactly what the name stands for. Beautiful clean scents that you can relate too. That everyone could relate to with a special memory. I always wanted someone to come up with a fragrance where they could bottle the after smell of rain fall. They did it! Below are all available in stores.

Clean FragranceClean FragranceClean FragranceClean Fragrance



paul and joe
in-stores November 2017
How cute is this holiday gift set by Paul & Joe? I love the cat lipstick, blush and that cat bag! Paul & Joe did a wonderful job once again, sneaking in their love for cats into their products.
Below is there first skincare product! How exciting! It’s a foundation primer + serum. Leaves skin feeling smooth, hydrated and has a little gold flecks in it. Honestly, reminds me of Guerlain’s d’or primer but this one smells a lot nicer!
Paul & Joe 2017
in-stores November 2017
paul & joe hand cream
NEW Hand Cream
Introducing the limited edition make-up collection:

paul & joe cat lipstick

paul & joe cat lipstick

paul & joe cat lipstick

NEW Sekkisei – Japanese 5 Step Program

I love Japanese skincare. Here’s a new line that I started using. I can’t wait to share the results with you all in a month or so. This will be in stores October 2017.
in-store October 2017


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